Cessna 206

The Cessna 206 Stationair is a workhorse built to carry the pilot plus five passengers. It can fly up to 1.300 km and land on most terrain. The Garmin G1000 glass cockpit equipped with the latest in avionics, sets the highest standards in safety and a cruising speed of 240 km/h it is the perfect aircraft for transfer flights between the south and north coast hotel resorts, or nearby Tsavo East and Tsavo West game park.

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What Cessna Says:

“Supple, deep-contoured leather seats. Artful world-class lighting. Advanced soundproofing. Cabin air controls. Enhanced multilevel ventilation. Today's Cessna cabin is one of the most relaxing, most thoroughly refined, enjoyable flying venues ever created - for pilots and passengers alike. From the highly refined cockpit to the panoramic wraparound windows, every inch, every contour, every detail is designed to offer you and your fellow aviators the ride of a lifetime”.

Aircraft Features

  • Highly trained and experienced bush pilots
  • Latest navigation systems available for providing highest safety standards
  • Air-vents to keep your flight cool and comfortable
  • Traffic awareness system
  • Each seat has its own large panoramic wraparound window for aerial game viewing
  • Intercom system with headset for each passenger