Cessna Grand Caravan

The Garmin G1000 glass cockpit utilises the latest technology available to general aviation aircraft. The Synthetic Vision option gives the pilot the benefit of 3D terrain mapping, making this the safest caravan manufactured to date.

Cessna have built over 2100 Caravans over the last twenty years. They have accumulated more than 11 million flying hours and have one of the best safety records of any aircraft in their class.

For bush flying in Africa no aircraft can match the Caravan.

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Airborn Luxury

The Oasis Luxury interior on this aircraft is the best available in the Cessna Caravan series. Featuring reclining, fully rotating leather seats deliver first class comfort. Each passenger has a quality headset to communicate with each other or listen to the silver guide's commentary during the flight as he gives you interesting information about the animals and the scenic highlights as you fly over them.

Aircraft Features

  • Highly trained and experienced bush pilots
  • Latest navigation systems available for providing highest safety standards
  • Air-conditioning to keep your flight cool and comfortable
  • Traffic advisory system ensures we know where other aircraft are at all times
  • Luxury reclining and fully rotating, contoured leather seats
  • 3D Terrain Management System ensures pilots can see terrain even in every condition
  • Each seat has its own large panoramic wraparound window for aerial game viewing
  • 12 volt power outlets in cabin to charge computers or cell phones
  • Intercom system with headset for each seat with commentary music
  • Full colour digital weather radar